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Six Good Reasons To Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened

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Your teeth can become less than white a number of reasons. Food and beverages like coffee, red wine and tea can permanently stain your teeth as can cigarettes and other tobacco products. Simply growing older will eventually cause your teeth to dull. Even some medications can take the sparkle out of your smile. Teeth whitening products are available for a number of sources, from your local drug store to your family dentist. Although professional whitening is generally more expensive than do-it-yourself products, there are a number of very good reasons to have your dentist whiten your teeth.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

1. You'll likely see better results. The whitening products used by dentists are more powerful than those offered as over-the-counter consumer products. This is particularly important for people with deep stains on their teeth. Dentists have a number of teeth whitening solutions, including laser treatment for severe staining.

2. You'll have an oral exam, too. When a dentist whitens your teeth, he or she will also examine your mouth and make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy and cavity-free. You'll get two services without having to make two appointments.

3. You'll see results more quickly. Since the whitening solutions used by dentists are stronger than those used in consumer products, you'll see results from the whitening more quickly. In many cases, you'll see results before you even leave the dentist's office. Most do-it-yourself whitening kits take weeks to yield results.

4. There's no learning curve. With professional teeth whitening, you don't have to read the instructions carefully and teach yourself how to apply the whitening solution. You can just sit back and have your dentist do all of the work.

5. It's gentler on sensitive teeth. If your teeth are sensitive, whitening solutions can irritate them. Your dentist has the option to use a laser whitening treatment that avoids exposing your teeth to any potentially-irritating chemicals.

6. Your treatment is designed specifically for you. When you buy an over-the-counter teeth whitening product, one size fits all consumers. When you have your dentist whiten your teeth, he or she is able to customize your treatment to address your personal needs.

While professional teeth whitening may not be the right choice for everyone, having your dentist handle your whitening is gentler on sensitive teeth, offers better and faster results, and helps insure that your teeth are healthy and cavity-free. Contact a professional like Morrell M Russell DMD for more information.