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Top Questions To Ask The Pediatric Dentist

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Pediatric dentistry takes a special blend of expert knowledge, professionalism and fun! A kids dentist has extensive training in the growing mouth and understands what your child needs for super smile success. Just how you picked a pediatrician, you've spent time choosing the best pediatric dentist around. You've asked for professional credentials, connections to dentistry associations and checked references. Now that you're ready to tote your tot off to her first dental visit, prep yourself with a few more queries. Visiting the office with a list in hand helps you to get your questions answered, keeps any issues fresh in your mind and allows you to make the most of the pro's time.

What kinds of questions should you ask? That depends on your child's age and her dental issues. If you're looking for a few general questions by age range, ask the pediatric dentist some of these basics.


  • How should I clean baby's teeth? The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends that you use a soft-bristled brush that is designed for infants. Your dentist may have a favorite brand or another option to help you keep your little one's mouth clean.
  • Will a bottle hurt baby's teeth? Be sure to tell your pediatric dentist what type of bottle your baby uses, what's in the bottle (i.e., formula, juice or water) and how often your baby feeds.
  • Is thumb sucking bad? Thumb sucking (or sucking on a pacifier) is common during the infant and toddler years. Even so, you may wonder if this action will in some way change your child's bite or stop her teeth from growing in a natural way. The AAPD notes that thumb sucking typically isn't an issue if the child gives it up by the close of the toddler years. If your child continues to suck her thumb or a pacifier after she turns three, talk to the pediatric dentist about potential problems from the long-term behavior.


  • Is juice acceptable to give a toddler? Toddlers shouldn't have more than six ounces of juice per day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. Sugary fruit juices can lead to obesity and poor nutrition. With that in mind, you need to know (from the kids dentist) what the effects on your little one's teeth are too.
  • Are toddlers ready to brush on their own? Your toddler is becoming more independent each day. How does this affect her daily life? She's getting herself dressed, feeding herself and taking strides that make her seem like a 'big kid'. Before you hand over the toothpaste and brush, talk to the dental pro about exactly how much help you need to provide.


  • Do baby teeth matter that much? Even though your child's baby teeth are going to fall out, it's still essential to keep them healthy. Pediatric dentistry is a field that seeks to keep your child's teeth in their top form. If you're not sure why the kids dentist is a must for your child, ask during the visit.
  • When should a child start orthodonture? Each child has different dental needs, making it tricky for the dentist to give you a ballpark figure. After examining your child, it may be possible to tell you when your child should have a consultation.

Before your child's dental visit arm yourself with a few questions. From what a bottle does to your baby's mouth to when braces will become a must, going in to the office well-prepared is helpful for you, the pediatric dentist and your child! 

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