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Information To Consider About Dental Implants For Missing Teeth

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Trying to figure out how to go about replacing missing teeth can be a difficult task when there are so many options available. If you want teeth that are permanent and natural looking, opting for dental implants might be the way that you should go. The article below will explain a few things about dental implants that can help you decide if getting them to replacement your missing teeth is a good idea. 

Dental Implants Can Stimulate Your Jawbones

One of the perks of getting dental implants over removable teeth like dentures is that they will be installed inside of your jawbones. The reason getting artificial teeth installed inside of the jawbones is a good idea is because they can provide jawbone stimulation when you eat food. You must understand that jawbone stimulation is one of the most important aspects of keeping your oral health in top shape. When the jawbones are stimulated, it leads to them remaining strong enough to keep your teeth in place. The stimulation is also a great way to promote bone growth.

Dental Implants Won't Fall Out of Your Mouth

Once dental implants have been installed inside of your jawbones, they will remain in place no matter what you eat. The way that dental implants are installed is what makes them so secure and able to be used as though they are natural teeth. For instance, a dentist will drill holes inside of your jawbones for each dental implant. He or she will then screw metal posts inside of the drilled holes. Abutments will then be connected to the posts so that artificial teeth can be attached and made to look as though they have grown out of your gums. The implants should remain in place even if you bite down on something like a hard piece of candy.

You Can Still Get Dental Implants if Your Jawbones are Weak

Although strong jawbones are needed in order for dental implants to be installed, it doesn't mean that you can get them if yours are weak. All of the areas in your mouth where weak jawbones are located can receive bone grafts. The grafts will be bones from your body, a cadaver or can be artificially made. Dental implants will sit securely in bone grafts just like your natural jawbones. Speak to a cosmetic dentist to discover if dental implants is the most ideal way to replace your missing teeth or not.