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Which Would Be The Best Option To Whiten Your Teeth?

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Teeth whitening procedures can be great, if they are effective. Since teeth whitening treatment options range from at-home kits to professional dental cleanings, you may be wondering who you should entrust this task to. Here's a rundown of the various options and how they stack up.

At-Home Kits

Do-it-yourself whitening kits can be effective. However, they also require a lot of patience. Teeth whitening gels and strips use the same active chemical as professional whitening trays: hydrogen peroxide. The idea with these at-home kits is that they expose your teeth to a whitening solution a little bit at a time. This way, it's safe to do on your own, since you're not working with highly concentrated chemicals.

However, the at-home whitening solution can be frustrating to many people. Instead of having a whiter smile in an hour, you will need to apply strips or gel over a series of possibly weeks to see any results. So, the at-home kits are best left for those who are short on cash but with abundant time and energy.

Teeth Whitening Kiosks

Teeth whitening kiosks can be hit or miss. While some technicians have undergone dental training, you can find others who aren't educated at all. Always ask what training and experience your technician has before paying more for a kiosk tooth whitening. A technician cleaning can be better than an at-home job if your technician is experienced; they will be sure to apply the whitening solution evenly and avoid material waste.

Dental Office Whitenings

Hands down, cosmetic dentist office teeth whitenings are the most effective option. And, they are the most hassle free. One thing that makes a dental whitening more effective is that they can do a dental teeth cleaning beforehand, so your teeth are scraped of their plaque buildup before the treatment and your teeth come into contact with the solution as much as possible. Another thing that makes these whitenings so effective is that dentists are licensed to use a much higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Cosmetic dentists, like the professionals at Davis R Troup DDS PA, could also replace missing or damaged teeth, furthering your confidence in your smile.

In short, there are aspects of each option that can appeal to different users. Sometimes, you just have to try each of them once to figure out which is best for you. But if you have the money to invest, skipping right to professional dental teeth whitening is probably the way to go, since it will get you the results you're looking for with the least effort.