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Things To Know About Getting Veneers

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Enhancing your smile can be a cost-effective way for many people to improve their overall appearance. To help individuals address the variety of conditions that they can develop, there are a variety of cosmetic treatments that your dentist can use to correct these problems that you have a bright and beautiful smile. Veneers are an extremely common treatment that you may opt to have done to restore your teeth.

Will Veneers Make Your Teeth More Sensitive?

Individuals that are considering getting veneers will often have worries that these additions will contribute to enhanced tooth sensitivity. Due to the intense discomfort that this problem can cause, individuals have a good reason to be concerned about it. Luckily, this is not a problem that mot veneer patients will experience. While your dentist will need to remove some of the enamel on your teeth, it will be a very thin layer of enamel, and the veneer will prevent you from experiencing intense discomfort or sensitivity.

How Much Do You Feel When Getting Veneers?

Fears of experiencing intense pain can be a major source of stress for a patient that is needing to undergo a dental procedure. While your dentist will need to remove a thin layer of enamel, you are unlikely to feel much of anything during this procedure as your dentist will use a local anesthetic on your mouth. After this procedure, your teeth may be slightly tender or a day, but this should not be severe enough to interfere with your daily routine.

Will Your Veneers Be A Permanent Addition To Your Mouth?

Undergoing a cosmetic dental procedure can be a fairly disruptive procedure, and most people will want to avoid procedures that will need to be done very frequently. Sadly, there is a belief that veneers will not last very long once they are installed. However, veneers are actually designed to last for up to a decade before they will need to be replaced. When the times come to replace the veneers, the dentist will not need to remove anyone enamel, and this will greatly reduce the difficulty and disruptions of this upgrade.

Veneers can be an excellent way of quickly transforming your smile without needing to completely replace your teeth. Understanding that dental veneers will not necessarily make your teeth more sensitive, that this procedure will be fairly painless and that veneers can last for many years before needing to be replaced will be essential in allowing you to better understand the benefits of having veneers placed on your teeth.