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The Holidays Are Almost Here! How To Keep Your Braces And Your Teeth Safe

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The holidays are fast approaching. School break will soon be here, and you'll be enjoying your holiday vacation. If you've got braces, you'll need to be extra careful with them during the holidays, especially with the added treats, and fun activities you'll be involved in. If you're not sure how to avoid problems with your braces during the holidays, here are four tips to help you out.

Be Careful with the Candies You Choose

When you're wearing braces, you've got to be careful with the foods you eat. During the holidays, it can be easy to forget about those rules. Unfortunately, eating the wrong foods can leave you with damaged braces, and dental problems that you weren't expecting. Stay away from those sticky treats, like candied apples, taffy, or even caramel popcorn balls. Choose soft candies instead, including mint patties, or even peanut butter cups.

Keep a Bottle of Water with You

When you're wearing braces, a dry mouth does more than allow bacteria to build up. A dry mouth also creates the perfect environment for cuts and scrapes. When your mouth is dry, it's easier for your braces to cut into the delicate tissue. Once you've got cuts and scrapes in your mouth, the bacteria and germs that are present have an easier time causing an infection. Unfortunately, it's not always easy to remember your water when you're busy having fun. You can prevent the cuts and scrapes, and reduce the chance of infection, by keeping a bottle of water with you during the holidays.

Be Prepared for Dental Hygiene

You're going to be spending a lot of time away from home during the holidays, but that doesn't mean you should forget about your teeth. While you're away from home, be prepared for dental hygiene. Carry a travel-sized dental care kit with you at all times. All you need is a pocket-sized toothbrush, and some dental floss. You'll be able to brush and floss wherever you are. This will ensure that you keep food particles and bacteria away from your teeth, and out from between your braces.

Keep a Mouth Guard Handy

During the winter, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in sports. The last thing you want is to damage your braces, or injure your mouth. Now that the holidays are arriving, along with your opportunity for winter sports, be sure to keep a mouth guard on hand. That way, you can get involved in those impromptu winter activities, and still keep your teeth and your braces protected.