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Braces For Adults: What To Know Before You See The Orthodontist

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Dental care has improved tremendously over the past several decades and orthodontia is an excellent example of this fact. Instead of dealing with crooked or misaligned teeth throughout their lives, more adolescents than ever are able to enjoy a more attractive smile and better dental health by having their orthodontist fit them with light-weight, comfortable braces and retainers.

But this type of improved dental care is not just for younger patients. Today, adults of every age group can work with an orthodontist to help correct dental problems and provide a more attractive appearance. If you are an adult considering braces or other types of orthodontia, the following information can help you ensure you have the best possible experience. 

Be clear about any need for pain relief during procedures

One of the most common reasons adult give for avoiding dental visits, including orthodontia, is the potential discomfort they fear would accompany the procedure. The good news is that most dental care providers now utilize a wide variety of medications to relieve pain and limit discomfort and stress during a procedure.

Patients can choose to remain awake, but relaxed and pain-free, or choose to be asleep through the procedure. To ensure that your orthodontist understands any fear or anxiety you may feel during a dental procedure, patients should always be proactive and candid about their concerns before scheduling any dental work. 

Be willing to explore the possibility of using invisible braces

Another potential issue adults often experience when seeking orthodontia is being self-conscious about their appearance when fitted with braces. To help eliminate this type of problem, adult dental patients should consider discussing whether invisible braces made from a clear poly material would be a suitable possibility for their needs. This type of brace allows the wearer to have a normal appearance, while still getting the benefit of wearing the braces needed to straighten and realign their teeth. 

Be aware that your teeth can continue to change throughout the adult years

Adults often have the misconception that the placement of their teeth does not change during adulthood, but that is not true. Many things can cause the placement of adult teeth to change, including changes in the gums, tooth losses, illness, and injury. Seeing an orthodontist is the best way to help limit dental issues caused by these problems and restore the patient's smile and ability to correctly chew their food. 

If you are interested in seeking orthodontia to correct a dental issue, take time to meet with a reputable orthodontist in your area or ask your regular dentist to refer you to one. For more information, contact a dental office like Donald E. Snyder Orthodontics.