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Need Immediate Dental Care But Scared Of Dentists? Here's How To Get Help Fast

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Seeing a dentist for any kind of problem in your mouth is something that most people know they should do, but many feel anxiety over regardless. If you're scared of seeing a dentist but know that there's a problem with your mouth that needs care fast, here's how you can make the experience easier on yourself and get the help you need quickly.

Skip the Doctor (For Now)

If time were unlimited, one possible option for you would be to visit your general physician. You can ask for medication to help control your anxiety while at the dentist's office, and anywhere else that you're feeling similar anxiety. However, if you need help now, this isn't the best option for you. Instead, make an appointment to visit your doctor to get help for your anxiety problems later on, and go to the next step.

Find Sedation Dentist

Where you should start getting help is by looking for a sedation dentist. This is a dentist specialist that can perform all major dental care, like filling a tooth, drilling a cavity, or dealing with gum problems. However, they put extra time into their education and training to become sedation dentists.

This type of dentist uses something called twilight sleep to help put people at ease while they're having their mouth worked on. It's not the same as general anesthesia, as you will remain conscious during the procedure. However, people typically report feeling like they could drift off while being treated, and typically experience far less anxiety or stress while being taken care of by the dentist.

Get Treatment

Once you've selected a sedation dentist, you should make an immediate appointment to be seen. While you might be feeling anxious about it now, try to trust that your dentist will be able to fix your dental problem and manage your anxiety all at the same time once you're in their office. If you have questions that you'd like to ask, give your dentist's office a call and feel free to ask. This may help to alleviate your anxiety in the meantime.

Under no circumstances should you put off getting dental help, whether or not you seek help for your anxiety from a general physician. The longer you wait for help with your dental problem, the more likely it is to get worse.

Dental anxiety is something that can make people put off regular check-ups and emergency care alike. Don't put your anxiety ahead of your dental health: visit your local sedation dentist and rest easy knowing that you'll be in good hands and your mouth won't be in danger anymore.