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Three Myths About Using A Gum Stimulator

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If your dentist or dental hygienist has recommended that you begin to use a gum stimulator as part of your daily regimen of keeping your mouth clean, you may hear different approaches to using this simple device. For example, maybe you'll talk about it with friends or colleagues, or perhaps do some reading on a health-focused social media page or message board. It's possible to come across some myths about using this device, and because you might not know much about it, you may believe one of these ill-informed points. Here are three myths about using a gum stimulator that you should realize are not true.

Anyone Case Use It

While it may be true that a lot of people can benefit from using a gum stimulator, it's a bit irresponsible to think that anyone can use it. For example, if you like the idea of improving the health of your gums to lower the risk of gingivitis, you might buy gum stimulators for your children and encourage them to use this device. This isn't a device that is ideal for younger children to use, however. They may push the tip too deeply into their gums because they lack the coordination to use the tool properly, and end up hurting themselves.

It's An Alternative To Flossing

Using a gum stimulator and flossing your teeth provide similar benefits. Namely, they both help to remove the bacteria that can eventually lead to the build up of tartar and an increased risk of gingivitis. However, it's a myth to think that using a gum stimulator is a proper alternative to flossing. If you've started to use a gum stimulator, you still need to floss. The former tool is effective for cleaning where your teeth and gums meet, but dental floss is the best way to remove food and bacteria from between your teeth.

You Should Scrape Your Teeth

Some people believe that a gum stimulator is a suitable tool for scraping their teeth. For example, you might think about taking the sharp point and rubbing it along the surface of each tooth. While doing so won't hurt, this approach is extremely time consuming and not an effective use of your dental hygiene time. Your toothbrush remains the best tool for cleaning the surfaces of your teeth, while your gum stimulator is ideal for dealing with the spots where your teeth and gums come together.

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