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6 Reasons To Choose A Dental Crown

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Dental crowns are versatile in that they can correct a multitude of dental issues. Although they can be expensive, dental crowns can provide protection for a tooth for at least a decade.

Dental crowns are useful in the following situations.

1. To cover discolored teeth

Sometimes, badly discolored teeth don't respond to whitening treatment. And toothbrushing won't help if the discoloration is intrinsic (inside the tooth). In this case, a dental crown can cover a discolored tooth to hide the discoloration and restore the beauty of the patient's smile.

2. To protect cracked teeth

A dental crown can cover a badly cracked tooth. Crowns are especially useful for protecting teeth that have vertical cracks that extend down towards the root of a tooth. A dental crown can cover a tooth with a vertical crack to prevent the crack from getting worse, which would require the extraction of the tooth.

3. To restore severely worn teeth

Bruxism or tooth grinding can wear teeth down. The longer this habit goes on, the worse the damage to teeth becomes. But worn teeth are unattractive and structurally weak. Placing dental crowns over worn teeth can restore their appearance and their functionality.

4. To give deformed teeth a makeover

Teeth sometimes erupt into the mouth misshapen. For instance, peg laterals are much smaller than the surrounding teeth. This not only makes them difficult to chew with, but misshapen teeth can also ruin a smile. Dental crowns can cover the entirety of a misshapen tooth and allow the patient to smile with confidence.

5. To replace a large dental filling

When a tooth loses a large dental filling, replacing that filling is often inadvisable. This is because large dental fillings can often cause teeth to break into pieces. If a patient loses a dental filling or needs to have a large filling replaced, a dental crown is a much better option than a large filling. When very little tooth structure remains, a crown is often the last available option.  

6. To protect a damaged baby tooth

Children's baby teeth are extremely important to their jaw and facial development. If a young child loses a tooth too early, the loss of that tooth could affect the surrounding teeth, causing them to shift into unnatural positions. A dental crown is a much better solution than removal when a baby tooth is in a bad state. The crown will protect the tooth until the adult tooth is ready to erupt.