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Struggling With Your Smile? 3 Issues Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Fix Quickly

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The first time you meet someone new or sit down for a job interview, your smile will come into play. Unfortunately, all too many people are embarrassed about their teeth, especially as they get older and their teeth are exposed to more variables. Here are three simple issues a cosmetic dentist could improve in a single visit, and why you shouldn't wait to schedule an appointment. 

1. Gaps 

Whether you have lost a tooth and your smile has shifted slightly, or you have always had a trademark gap between your front teeth, it isn't always fun to have a gap-toothed smile. Fortunately, cosmetic dentists can quickly and easily fill gaps with tooth-colored composite resin by making the tooth on either side a little larger. 

After matching the color of your teeth and piping the resin into place, dentists will recreate the natural separation between your teeth with a small piece of film, and then cure the resin in place. Next, the repair will be gently trimmed and polished, to blend in perfectly. 

2. Discoloration

Teeth can become discolored for all kinds of reasons, whether you enjoy dark-colored soda, have experienced dental trauma, or have simple yellowing. Cosmetic dentists can help you to understand the cause behind your tooth discoloration, and offer everything from root canals to teeth whitening to improve the look of your teeth. 

If you have a congenital condition that impacts tooth color, your cosmetic dentist may recommend veneers, which cover the natural color of your smile. 

3. Rugged Edges

Sometimes, teeth can look jagged because of the way they are shaped or due to chips or nighttime teeth grinding. If your teeth don't have an even contour, your cosmetic dentist can quickly and efficiently polish the edges to make the shape more aesthetically pleasing. The process of having your teeth contoured is painless, fast, and permanent, and many dentists pair contouring with composite resin additions to make the entire smile more symmetrical. When paired with tooth whitening, contouring can completely change the look of your teeth. 

When you are ready to update your teeth and smile, research cosmetic dentists in your area, and pay attention to their credentials. Look for a dentist who offers an online gallery where you can see the work they have done previously, and make sure they accept your insurance plan. By choosing the right dentist and giving yourself a smile makeover, you can enjoy a smile you can be proud of.