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Cosmetic Dentistry: When It's Worth Consideration

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Cosmetic dentistry is something you can consider as part of your oral health, and while the results are intended mostly to make your smile appear more attractive, other benefits include allowing your smile to be healthier overall.

Cosmetic dentistry, while beneficial, isn't always the first mode of action you should take when it comes to your smile. Knowing when it's best to have this work done will help you get the most out of this experience. Here are things to consider when you're thinking about cosmetic dentistry so you know it's worth it.

When your smile is affecting your mental health

If you don't like to smile or your teeth are so badly placed that it's causing a strain on your mental health and confidence, then having your teeth worked on by a cosmetic dentist is not only important, it's entirely necessary. Sometimes if your teeth are causing you a lot of enamel pain or they are uncomfortable to chew with, then it becomes as much a physical and oral health issue to have your teeth repaired as it does a cosmetic one.

If you are prone to weak tooth enamel or smaller teeth, then cosmetic dentistry, such as dental caps or veneers, may become necessary to give you a better quality of life so you can enjoy a more natural and pain-free smile.

When your other dental work has been completed

Do you need other dental work done on your smile? If so, then start budgeting for cosmetic dentistry now and have it done as soon as your priority dental work is completed. Most dentists will recommend having gum, teeth, and other oral health issues addressed first; then they will recommend cosmetic dentistry when your mouth is ready. Some cosmetic dentistry needs can be met at the same time as other dental work is done, such as having a root canal and a new tooth cap placed on. It's all based on your oral health needs and the scheduling availability of your dentist or cosmetic dentistry specialist.

If you need cosmetic dentistry, your dentist will let you know and can refer you to the right dentist for your needs. Some cosmetic dentistry might be covered by dental insurance, but much of the work is not, so keep this in mind when you make your appointment so you are prepared to make a payment upfront. You may be able to work out a payment plan with your dentist.