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Cosmetic Dental Services: Here's Why You Should Consider Implant Dentures Over Conventional Options

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Unfortunately, situations out of your control can leave you with missing teeth. If this happens, it's a good idea to carefully consider getting an implant denture, as this tooth replacement option is one of the best ways to restore your smile and tooth stability. Unlike conventional dentures, these implants are stable and provide many benefits to the users. Here are four reasons you should consider them a viable tooth replacement option:

Comfortable to Wear

One of the reasons many people opt for implant dentures over the traditional option is that they're more comfortable to wear. One of the main downsides of traditional dentures is that they don't fit the jaw like natural teeth and can therefore not be expected to function the same way as teeth. Therefore, wearers have to learn to chew food anew. In addition, the friction that conventional dentures apply to the gums can sometimes cause sores. Conversely, implant dentures help safeguard and promote healthy gum tissue.

Less Chance of Losing Bone Mass

Implant dentures help preserve the user's bone mass. Since traditional dentures don't use the jaw bone for support, the user is more likely to experience loss of bone mass. This may occur gradually but is unfortunately inevitable. However, implant dentures act as a tooth root and therefore prevent your jaw bone from shrinking. As a result, your denture remains effective and in good condition for a longer time.


Like your natural teeth, implant dentures are fixed directly to the jawbone. This makes them stable, enabling patients to chew their food without experiencing discomfort. These implants' stability also makes it possible for users to speak clearly and comfortably while they are in place. This solves the problem with traditional dentures where they are liable to shift their position, which can be inconvenient and frustrating.


Another factor that makes implant dentures a good option over traditional ones is that they eliminate the need for adhesive, helping to save you time and money. Additionally, unlike traditional dentures, the implant option is a long-term investment in dental well-being. With regard to the fixing procedure, once a cosmetic dentist determines that you have enough jawbone, they'll strategically place posts where the denture can be attached, making them more durable.

If you have several missing teeth and are looking for a great tooth replacement option, consider getting an implant denture. They offer many benefits compared to the traditional option. This guide should help you learn why it's a great choice. Contact cosmetic dental services near you to learn more.