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Three-Quarter Dental Crowns: What To Know

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While fillings can deal with tooth damage, there are times when you need a different solution. Fillings might not work on badly-damaged teeth or on ones that have had a lot of dental work in the past.

In some cases, dentists recommend that patients have teeth crowned instead of filled. While traditional full crowns work well in many situations, three-quarter crowns are sometimes a better option.

What is a three-quarter crown? Why should you consider having this treatment?

What Are Three-Quarter Crowns?

Traditional crowns cover a whole tooth. During this treatment, dentists file down the tooth to turn it into a holding post for the crown. They then attach the crown over what is left of the tooth.

Three-quarter crowns work in much the same way. They help cover and restore damaged teeth. However, they don't cover the whole tooth but only part of it.

Your dentist prepares the tooth for three-quarter crowning a little differently. They might still need to file down part of the tooth; however, they don't have to file down all of it. The three-quarter crown is made to fit over a specific part of the tooth rather than all of it.

What Are the Advantages of Three-Quarter Crowns?

Your dentist has to file down a lot of your tooth to get it ready for a regular full-sized crown. You'll lose most of your natural tooth enamel.

While this procedure is necessary when teeth are badly damaged or need a full crown, some teeth don't need this level of work. A three-quarter crown is sometimes a better option for minor problems or damage that is confined to one part of the tooth.

You won't lose as much natural tooth when you have a three-quarter crown fitted. Your dentist simply has to prep the area over which the crown will go.

Dentists often prefer to save healthy teeth if they can. A three-quarter crown helps them do this. They don't have to remove as much enamel.

Also, your natural teeth are strong; they create a good holding base for three-quarter crowns. These crowns are likely to stay in place for longer with this kind of solid support.

Your appointment times should also reduce here. The prep work you'll have for a three-quarter crown doesn't take as much time as the work needed for a full option. So, you'll fix your tooth damage and restore your smile faster. Your costs should also be lower.

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